Treadz Now offers Powersports Parts and Accessories. We can repair powersport parts and/or add accessories such as Light Bars, Radio, Rims and More. All products can be installed in our shop. Click on the image above to look at Products from the Website all items can be ordered from us, Please Call us at 704-664-0995 to place your order.


We offer high tread consignment wheel and tire packages. Items range in price depending on make and model. All Wheel Packages can be installed on a vehicle here in the shop. Please call us if you are interested in Selling or Purchasing Wheel and Tires Packages.


Looking for a Dirt Bike, ATV or Scooter. We Sell them at Treadz! If your looking just to buy the item or if you are looking to add some performance parts, we sell and install in the shop. All Products can be ordered directly through the shop by calling us at 704-664-0995.


Headlights over time become oxidized and faded making it difficult to see at night as well as takes away for the cosmetic looks of the vehicle. Headlight restoration returns the lenses back to a close to new finish allowing for optimum light at night and adding that beautiful look back to your vehicle. This Repair takes approximately 30 Minutes and Starting at $69.99.


Treadz is Equipped with State of the Art Technology, we have highly trained Technicians to diagnose any vehicle (foreign or domestic). We diagnose Mechanical Problems, Electrical Problems, Engine Repair, SRS/Air Bag, Heat/AC and so much more. Call us for an appointment or Stop by. Diagnosis Starting at $80.00/Hour


Tires are a huge part in your Vehicles Performance from Tire Rotations which helps even out the wear of the tire and prolongs your tire life. Tire Balancing which helps to minimize potential vibration in your steering wheel, seat and floorboard. Tire Repair, with every revolution, a tire runs the risk of being punctured by a foreign object and since the average tire will experience millions of revolutions throughout its lifespan, it is usually a matter of when you get a flat, not if. Knowing the difference between a proper tire repair and an improper tire repair could be critical to your safety.

About Us

When it comes to your vehicle, you want the highest Quality Auto Service, Tires and Parts. At Treadz we are committed to providing our customers with unparalleled quality and competitive prices. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff strives to provide honest and reliable service. No matter your vehicle needs we have your Automotive Services Covered.

Our philosophy is the customer is always number ONE. No Matter what you drive you and your family’s safety is important to us. In fact, our company is based on providing customers with the “WOW experience”. "We want you to enjoy your experience so much that you'll tell you friends and family about us and return yourself whenever you need services. It’s that commitment and service to our customers that stands us out from the rest.

Treadz provides service to Lake Norman and surrounding areas. Please Stop in for a Visit or Call us with any Questions, will be happy to help.