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Quick Time, the undisputed leader in bellhousing technology, was founded by former race car driver Ross McCombs, who racked up more than 50 dirt circle track feature wins. Unable to find a suitable spun bellhousing – not a weaker hydroformed bell like all the others – for his own race car, he eventually started making his own. Soon other racers, seeing him win race after race, wanted one for their cars, and a company was born. Today, Quick Time, part of Holley Performance, is the leading bellhousing manufacturer in the world, with models for more than 4,000 applications, each about half the weight of and considerably stronger than ordinary bellhousings.

QuickTime RM-6010 Power Train

Part Number: RM-6010

GM Bellhousing..


QuickTime RM-6020 Power Train

Part Number: RM-6020

GM OE Replacement Bell..


QuickTime RM-6022 Power Train

Part Number: RM-6022

Chevy 168 Tooth to Sag Bell..


QuickTime RM-6060 Power Train

Part Number: RM-6060

Ford to Tremec/T5..


QuickTime RM-6083 Power Train

Part Number: RM-6083

Mopar SB to Muncie..


QuickTime RM-6098 Power Train

Part Number: RM-6098

Steel chevy flexplate SSApplication Summary:1973-1975 Buick Apollo; 1973 Buick Centurion; 1973-1980 ..


QuickTime RM-8020 Power Train

Part Number: RM-8020

LS1 to LS1/T56/Chevy..


QuickTime RM-901 Power Train

Part Number: RM-901

SBC Flexplate (Lt Wt)Application Summary:1974-1975 Buick Apollo; 1974-1980 Buick Century; 1976-1977 ..


QuickTime RM-920 Power Train

Part Number: RM-920

SBC Ultra light FlexplateApplication Summary:1974-1975 Buick Apollo; 1974-1980 Buick Century; 1976-1..


QuickTime RM-935 Power Train

Part Number: RM-935

5 Piece GM Flexplate Spacer..


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