Fitment: Universal

Edge Products 98602 EAS Starter Kit

Part Number: 98602

EAS Starter Kit CableThe Edge accessory system (EAS) was created with future expandability in mind. ..


Fitment: Universal

Edge Products 98617 EAS Competition Kit

Part Number: 98617

EAS COMPETITION KIT (EGT; 0-100 PSI SENSOR;/TEMP SENSOR)The EAS Competition Kit gives user the abili..


Fitment: Universal

Edge Products 98620 EAS EGT Starter Kit

Part Number: 98620

EAS STARTER KIT W/15in. EGT CABLE FOR (expandable)The Edge accessory system (EAS) was created with f..


Fitment: Universal

Edge Products 98900 REPLACEMENT EGT PROBE ..

Part Number: 98900

JUICE WITH ATTITUDE REPLACEMENT EGT PROBE (only for Juice w/Attitude products)Edge Products has beco..


Fitment: Universal

Edge Products 98920 EAS Replacement EGT 15..

Part Number: 98920

EAS REPLACEMENT 15in. EGT LEAD (only for part number 98620)The Edge accessory system (EAS) was creat..


Fitment: Universal

Edge Products 99010 DVDDiesel Engine Perf...

Part Number: 99010

EFI UNIVERSITY DIESEL ENGINE PERFORMANCE TUNING DVDThis is a must-have training resource for dealers..


Fitment: Universal

SCT 30604 LWTS+Pod Adapter (Supports Bully..

Part Number: 30604

LWTS+Pod Adapter (Supports Bully Dog Mounts: 31302; 31303; 31304; 30305; 32303; 32304; 32307; 32308;..


Fitment: Universal

SCT 4021 ITSX/TSX for Android Analog Cable

Part Number: 4021

ITSX/TSX for Android Analog CableThis cable is for use with SCT Performance iTSX for iOS/TSX for And..


Fitment: Universal

SCT 4520 ITSX/TSX for Android Micro USB Ca..

Part Number: 4520

ITSX/TSX for Android Micro USB Cable supercedes 4020SCT Performance LLC. is a leading provider of ha..


Fitment: Universal

Edge Products 98616 EAS Control Kit

Part Number: 98616

EAS CONTROL KIT (EGT SENSOR/POWER SWITCH)The EGT probe is a sensor that allows users to monitor crit..


Fitment: Universal

Edge Products 98615 EAS 12V Starter Kit CT..

Part Number: 98615

EAS 12V POWER SUPPLY STARTER KIT CS2/CTS2The Edge accessory system (EAS) was created with future exp..


Fitment: Universal

Edge Products 98604 EAS Universal Turbo Ti..

Part Number: 98604

EAS UNIVERSAL TURBO TIMER (Excluding Dodge 2006-2012)The EAS Universal Turbo Timer part # 98604 is d..


Fitment: Universal

Edge Products 98605 EAS Generic 5V Sensor ..

Part Number: 98605

EAS Universal Sensor Input (5 Volt)The EAS Universal Sensor Input provides the ability to read any 0..


Fitment: Universal

Edge Products 98607 EAS 0-100 PSIG 5V Sens..

Part Number: 98607

EAS Pressure Sensor 0 - 100 psig 1/8in. NPTEdges EAS Pressure Sensor is a 0 - 100 PSIg 1/8-inch NPT ..


Fitment: Universal

Edge Products 98608 EAS Temp Sensor 1/8&qu..

Part Number: 98608

EAS Temperature Sensor-40F to 300F 1/8in. NPTThe EAS Temperature Sensor is a -40-deg F to 300-deg F ..


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