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Founded in 1970, MSD is one of the most recognized industry names in ignition system products, EFI products and high performance parts. The company designs, develops, tests and assembles ignition boxes, crank triggers, distributors, EFI systems, transmission controllers, spark plugs, coils, spark plug wires, and other performance parts. MSD Performance® is part of the Holley Performance Companies - Hooker Headers®, Flowtech® Exhaust, NOS® Nitrous, Weiand®, Earl's Performance Plumbing®, Diablosport® Superchips®, Edge Products®, Racepak®, Accel®, Mr. Gasket®, - Holley products can give you the edge you need over the competition.

Fitment: Universal

MSD Performance 8441 Cap-A-Dapt, Fits Smal..

Part Number: 8441

Cap-A-Dapt; fits Small Diameter MSD DistributorsIf the new pro-cap doesn't work on your application,..


Fitment: Maybe

MSD Performance 8430 Dist. Cap and Rotor, ..

Part Number: 8430

Distributor Cap and Rotor; GM 4.3L; External CoilThe cap and rotor of any ignition system must be co..


Fitment: Universal

MSD Performance 84281 HEI Vacuum Advance S..

Part Number: 84281

HEI Vacuum Advance Stop Plate; for PN 8362 and PN 8365This little plate allows you to limit the amou..


Fitment: Universal

MSD Performance 8428 Advance Kit, GM HEI, ..

Part Number: 8428

GM HEI Weight and Spring KitThis kit will help you achieve the solid ignition timing you need. The k..


Fitment: Maybe

MSD Performance 8427 Rotor, GM HEI Late Mo..

Part Number: 8427

Rotor; GM HEI Late Model; External Coil CapRotor assembly for a GM HEI late model with external coil..


Fitment: Maybe

MSD Performance 8426 Distr. Cap,GM HEI, La..

Part Number: 8426

Distributor Cap; GM HEI; Late Model; External CoilAll MSD extra duty distributor caps are designed w..


Fitment: Universal

MSD Performance 8423 Rotor, Fixed, PN 8445

Part Number: 8423

Rotor; Fixed; PN 8445Band clamp mount allows easy rotor phasing adjustment. The only front drive dis..


Fitment: Universal

MSD Performance 84211 Adjustable Race Roto..

Part Number: 84211

Rotor; Adjustable; RacingWhen you install EFI on your engine, most systems will require the ignition..


Fitment: Maybe

MSD Performance 8421 Rotor Assembly, Chevy..

Part Number: 8421

Rotor Assembly; Chevy V8 Cap-A-DaptMSD Ignition is a company built on Customer Satisfaction and Serv..


Fitment: Universal

MSD Performance 8431 Dist. Cap, For PN 857..

Part Number: 8431

Distributor Cap; MSD Style; for PN 8570; PN 8545; PN 8546MSD molds our most popular V8 distributor c..


Fitment: Universal

MSD Performance 84313 Dist Cap Black for P..

Part Number: 84313

Distributor Cap; MSD Style; for PN 8570; PN 8545; PN 8546; BlackMSD molds our most popular V8 distri..


Fitment: Maybe

MSD Performance 8437 Distributor Cap, Alky..

Part Number: 8437

Distributor Cap; Alkyd; MSD Chevy V8 DistributorAll MSD extra duty distributor caps are designed wit..


Fitment: Universal

MSD Performance 8434 Distributor Cap, PN 8..

Part Number: 8434

Distributor Cap; PN 8485 VW DistributorMSD molds our most popular V8 distributor caps in-house. Thes..


Fitment: Universal

MSD Performance 84336 Blk. Dist. Cap/ Roto..

Part Number: 84336

Black; V8; Hei Terminal Cap/Rotor KitThe cap and rotor of any ignition system must be considered mai..


Fitment: Universal

MSD Performance 84335 Distributor Cap/ Rot..

Part Number: 84335

Cap/Rotor Kit; MSD Style (PN 8433; PN 8467)The cap and rotor of any ignition system must be consider..


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