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Fitment: Universal

Mallory 11106M Mallory, Inline EFI Pump - ..

Part Number: 11106M

Comp Pump® Series Electric Fuel Pumps; Model 110FI; High Performance; For High Pressure Fuel Injecti..


Fitment: Universal

Mallory 339 Mallory Rotor/Shutter Wheel, 6..

Part Number: 339

Distributor Rotor; For 45/46 Series Distributors; 6 Cylinder; For Cap PN[270];Mallory distributor ro..


Fitment: Universal

Mallory 340 Mallory Rotor/Shutter Wheel, 4..

Part Number: 340

Distributor Rotor; Shutter Wheel; For 45/46 Series Distributors; 4 Cylinder; For Cap PN[271];Mallory..


Fitment: Universal

Mallory 400 Mallory Condenser, 28 MFD 600V

Part Number: 400

Distributor Condenser; Fits 23/24/25/26/27 Series Distributors; 28 MFD 600V; 4/6/8 Cylinder;These ar..


Fitment: Maybe

Mallory 401 Mallory Condenser,28 MFD 600V

Part Number: 401

Distributor Condenser; 28 MFD 600V; For Use w/Electronic And Points Style Distributors; 8 Cylinder;T..


Fitment: Universal

Mallory 605 Mallory Module, Unilite, Therm..

Part Number: 605

Unilite Ignition Module; Thermaclad; For All Mallory Unilite Distributor And Conversion Kits;Replace..


Fitment: Universal

Mallory 609 Mallory Module, Magnetic Ignit..

Part Number: 609

Magnetic Breakerless Ignition Module; Fits 50/57 Series Distributors; 8 Cylinder;The module is self ..


Fitment: Universal

Mallory 61001M Mallory Kit,ESprk Mod Conv,..

Part Number: 61001M

E-Spark Ignition Conversion Kit; Incl. E-Spark® Module/Shutter Wheel/Wiring Harness/Hardware; Fits 1..


Fitment: Universal

Mallory 690 Mallory-Hyfire Ignition, Stree..

Part Number: 690

HyFire Electronic Ignition Control Box; Fits 4/6/8 Cylinder Engines; Incl. Ignition/Harness/Mag Pick..


Fitment: Universal

Mallory 695 Mallory-HyFire Ignition, Race

Part Number: 695

HyFire Pro Electronic Ignition Control Box; Fits 4/6/8 Cylinder Engines; Accepts Hall Effect/Points/..


Fitment: Universal

Mallory 335 Mallory Rotor/Shutter Wheel, 8..

Part Number: 335

Distributor Rotor; For 37/38 Series Distributors; 8 Cylinder; Unilite; For Cap PN[209M];Mallory dist..


Fitment: Universal

Mallory 333 Mallory Rotor/Shutter, Wheel, ..

Part Number: 333

Distributor Rotor; Shutter Wheel; Ford; For Use On Mallory E-Spark Conversion Kits On Motorcraft Sin..


Fitment: Universal

Mallory 310 Mallory Rotor, Vac Adv, T Blad..

Part Number: 310

Distributor Rotor; T-Blade; Vacuum Advance; For 27 Series Distributors; For Dist. Cap PN[209M/221/27..


Fitment: Universal

Mallory 208M Mallory Cap, Dist, 8Cyl Screw..

Part Number: 208M

Distributor Cap; For 32/42 Series Distributors; Screw Down; 8 Cylinder; Red;Delivers unrestricted sp..


Fitment: Universal

Mallory 221B Mallory Cap, Dist, Flat Marin..

Part Number: 221B

Marine Distributor Cap; For Dearborn/Owens Yacht/Chris Craft/OMC/Guardin/Hardin/Panther/Crusader/For..


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