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Welcome to Flaming River Online. Our complete catalog of Flaming River quality steering components, steering accessories, and electrical components is available on this website for convenient technical information and ordering. Each of our products is designed to incorporate new parts... absolutely nothing is rebuilt. This ensures we can maintain stringent quality standards, improve the design and offer long range product availability. Over the past 20 years, we have designed many award winning products including the tilt steering column program and the Rack and Pinion Cradle Kits which have both won SEMA's Best New Product Awards.

Flaming River FR1001 Single-Wire Self-Powe..

Part Number: FR1001

Timing Light: Single Wire, Self-powered (operates on 2 D cell batteries)..


Flaming River FR1002 The Little Switch - W..

Part Number: FR1002

Battery Disconnect: Little Switch with mounting bracket..


Flaming River FR1003 The Big Switch

Part Number: FR1003

Battery Disconnect: Big Switch..


Flaming River FR1003-2 The Big Switch with..

Part Number: FR1003-2

Battery Disconnect: Big Switch with Lever Kit..


Flaming River FR1005 The Big Switch with L..

Part Number: FR1005

Battery Disconnect: Big Switch with Lock-Out..


Flaming River FR1005LED The Big Switch wit..

Part Number: FR1005LED

Battery Disconnect: Switch Lock-Out Kit with LED..


Flaming River FR1009 The Big Switch with R..

Part Number: FR1009

Battery Disconnect: Laser Cut Key Switch..


Flaming River FR1010 Combination Magneto a..

Part Number: FR1010

Battery Disconnect: Combo Mag/Battery Kill Switch..


Flaming River FR1013 Combination Battery a..

Part Number: FR1013

Battery Disconnect: Combo Battery/Alternator Kill Switch..


Flaming River FR1020 Single-Wire Self-Powe..

Part Number: FR1020

Timing Light: Self-powered Timing Light 20 ft Lead..


Flaming River FR1043 HD Amp Switch with Te..

Part Number: FR1043

Battery Disconnect: HD Amp Switch Kit..


Flaming River FR1043LED HD Amp Switch w/ L..

Part Number: FR1043LED

Battery Disconnect: HD Amp Switch Kit w/ LED..


Flaming River FR1044 Battery Disconnect: B..

Part Number: FR1044

Battery Disconnect: Big Switch with Lock-Out XL Studs..


Flaming River FR1044LED Battery Disconnect

Part Number: FR1044LED

Battery Disconnect: Big Switch with Lock-Out XL Studs with LED..


Flaming River FR1051 Electro-Wizard Batter..

Part Number: FR1051

Battery Disconnect: Electro-Wizard Battery Switch 12 Volt Grounded Solenoid w/Battery Terminal Cover..


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