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For twenty years now Design Engineering, Inc.™ has been known for producing exceptional quality heat control products primarily sold through the performance distribution system. But there's another facet of our business that we specialize in - working with other customers to help solve their heat and sound control problems. We work with these customers to define their problem, determine the correct materials necessary to handle their heat or sound control issues and work to design a solution. Our in-house design team can quickly turn around first article prototypes for inspection, for fitment and evaluation purposes. Once a final design is tested and approved by the customer, production begins based on their requirements. Over the years we have designed custom solutions for many industries and fields including, aviation, powersports, racing, marine and eve, locomotive. We have also produced "build to spec" contract work for commercial, industrial and military related businesses to name a few. All of these businesses who decide to contract Design Engineering for heat and sound solutions have recognized our capabilities and ability to come up with correct and innovative products to solve the problem. Our Beginnings The late Dale Markley, well known and long time performance industry veteran, founded DEI in 1995. Dale and his wife Nancy formed the company with a vision of developing dynamic solutions for the racing and performance industry's ongoing struggle with underhood, power-robbing heat issues. The business was started in a small space, located in Cleveland, Ohio, behind a convenience store, and within a few years had to double the space. Before Dale's passing in 2001, he and Nancy worked together and brought DE and its "Thermal Tuning Products" to a whole new level. Fueled by success and further growth, it was necessary to expand operations, and in late 2004, DEI relocated from its leased location to its newly acquired complex that houses office, warehouse and manufacturing operations. The new facility afforded DEI ample room for future expansion and, in fact, manufacturing and warehouse expansion plans were quickly underway. Today, DEI is bigger, stronger, and "cooler" than ever. With Dale's son David at the helm, the family is committed to continuing Dale's vision of moving DEI forward by developing and improving products to ensure they remain industry leaders. We are Design Engineering "At Design Engineering, Inc, YOU the customer, are behind every decision we make. We try to look at every product and service we offer from your perspective. We use the phrase 'What's in it for you.' We strive every day to bring you innovative, quality products that exceed your expectations. We are still a company of humans and occasionally an error occurs, call us... we'll make it right... right away, because without you, we are nothing."

Design Engineering, Inc. 010002 Exhaust Wr..

Part Number: 010002

2in. x 100ft-Titanium-BlackTitanium exhaust wrap, with LR Technology, is made from pulverized lava r..


Design Engineering, Inc. 010003 Exhaust Wr..

Part Number: 010003

2in. x 50ft-Titanium-BlackTitanium exhaust wrap, with LR Technology, is made from pulverized lava ro..


Design Engineering, Inc. 010004 Exhaust Wr..

Part Number: 010004

2in. x 25ft-Titanium-BlackTitanium exhaust wrap, with LR Technology, is made from pulverized lava ro..


Design Engineering, Inc. 010005 Exhaust Wr..

Part Number: 010005

2in. x 15ft-Titanium-BlackTitanium exhaust wrap, with LR Technology, is made from pulverized lava ro..


Design Engineering, Inc. 010010 T6 Onxy Tu..

Part Number: 010010

T6 Onxy Turbo Shield {Shield Only}Custom fit Onyx (Black) Turbo Shields provides the ultimate means ..


Design Engineering, Inc. 010022 Exhaust Sl..

Part Number: 010022

Exhaust Sleeve Kit-TitaniumMade from the same material as our Titanium exhaust wrap but just in a sl..


Design Engineering, Inc. 010033 Reflective..

Part Number: 010033

5 Gallon Square Scribner Utility CanWhen it comes to winning, sometimes it is the little things that..


Design Engineering, Inc. 010045 Turbo Shie..

Part Number: 010045

T4-Shield Only-Onyx-BULKCustom fit Onyx (Black) Turbo Shields provides the ultimate means of reducin..


Design Engineering, Inc. 010058 Exhaust Wr..

Part Number: 010058

1.5in. x 30ft-EXO-BlackEXO Series exhaust wrap is designed for extreme environment use. Traditional ..


Design Engineering, Inc. 010059 Exhaust Wr..

Part Number: 010059

1.5in. x 30ft-EXO-TanEXO Series exhaust wrap is designed for extreme environment use. Traditional ex..


Design Engineering, Inc. 010060 Exhaust Wr..

Part Number: 010060

Exhaust Wrap EXO Series-1.5in. x 30ft-Tan-BulkEXO Series exhaust wrap is designed for extreme enviro..


Design Engineering, Inc. 010061 Exhaust Wr..

Part Number: 010061

Exhaust Wrap EXO Series-1.5in. x 30ft-Black-BulkEXO Series exhaust wrap is designed for extreme envi..


Design Engineering, Inc. 010069 Corvette C..

Part Number: 010069

2015-2016 C7 Corvette Manual TransmissionPrevents over heating of engine oil. Shields the oil cooler..


Design Engineering, Inc. 010073 Exhaust Wr..

Part Number: 010073

Kit-Black Titanium Wrap; Locking Ties/Locking Tie ToolExhaust Wrap Kit..


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