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AutoMeter has been driven to provide performance enthusiasts with the information they need to win. We've revolutionized the way that racers and vehicle builders think about instrumentation and vehicle electronics for more than 60 years. AutoMeter was founded by Vern Westberg in 1957. In the early days Vern would pour sand castings in his family's backyard, and his sons would help him assemble products in their basement at night. During our 60+ years, we have developed many industry-leading products from our rev control tachometers and quick responding tachometers, to our high technology LCD Competition data acquisition systems. We have set the standard for accuracy, precision, and durability. Today, we have state-of-the-art cellular manufacturing centers, advanced engineering systems, and product technology that is unmatched in the instrumentation marketplace. Company Overview AutoMeter Products, Inc. is a high technology company based in Sycamore, IL USA, with a state-of-the-art cellular manufacturing operation, world class ISO 9000:TS 16949 Certified Quality System, an advanced engineering team, and product technology that is unmatched in the instrumentation marketplace. In addition to the more commonly known AutoMeter High Performance division focused on performance and racing automotive instrumentation and electronics, AutoMeter also includes four additional branches that cater to specialty markets: AutoMeter Original Equipment Division that works with large clients for the creation of specialty instrumentation for production vehicles. AutoMeter Pro-Cycle Division that designs and produces product geared specifically for the motorcycle industry. AutoMeter Marine Division, which produces instrumentation for water-borne vehicles. AutoMeter Test Equipment Division that produces professional grade automotive battery and electrical chargers and testers for automotive repair and vehicle fleet maintenance. In 2007 AutoMeter expanded its performance family to include two new companies with the acquisition of Stack, Ltd. of England, whose roots are in Formula 1 instrumentation and are famous for their dash displays and data acquisition systems, and Dedenbear Products, a company renowned for throttle stops, delay boxes, and drag racing electronics. AutoMeter is excited about the opportunities presented in these partnerships and are bringing to market several new and exciting designs and technologies including the Ultra-Lite Pro Data Acquisition System, the Dedenbear STS Throttle Stop, and Stack Pro-Control Professional Stepper Motor Gauges. In 2012 Auto Meter expanded once again with the acquisition of ProParts LLC. Born on the high speed ovals of NASCAR and refined on road courses and drag strips around the world, Spek-Pro gauges are some of the the most advanced instruments ever conceived. AutoMeter welcomes the ProParts Spek gauges into our ever growing motorsports product line to offer the absolute best features no mattter the application.

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Fitment: Unknown

AutoMeter Products 20011 Mounting Solution..

Part Number: 20011

INSTRUMENT CLUSTER BEZEL; DUAL; 2-1/16in.; ACURA INTEGRA 94-01Replacement dual 2-1/16" gauge instrum..


Fitment: Unknown

AutoMeter Products 20129 Mounting Solution..

Part Number: 20129

A-PILLAR POD; SINGLE; 2-5/8in.; GRAY; ACURA INTEGRA 94-01 (2DR.)Gauge Works provide a clean, smooth ..


Fitment: Unknown

AutoMeter Products 5814-00406 2-5/8" Fuel ..

Part Number: 5814-00406

2-5/8in. FUEL LEVEL; 0-90 O; ELEC; GMOne of the most necessary gauges in a dashboard, AutoMeter make..


Fitment: Unknown

AutoMeter Products 5891-00406 Gauge; Voltm..

Part Number: 5891-00406

2-5/8in. VOLTMETER; 8-18V; GM WHITEKeep tabs on the health and output of your vehicles electrical sy..


Fitment: Unknown

AutoMeter Products 880076 Ford Racing Seri..

Part Number: 880076

2-1/16in. OIL PRESSURE; 0-100 PSI; FORD RACINGQuite possibly the most critical vital to monitor, eng..


Fitment: Unknown

AutoMeter Products 880077 Gauge 2-1/16" Wa..

Part Number: 880077

2-1/16in. WATER TEMPERATURE; 100-250 deg.F; FORD RACINGA high water temp can be detrimental to an en..


Fitment: Unknown

AutoMeter Products 880078 Gauge 2-1/16" Py..

Part Number: 880078

2-1/16in. PYROMETER; 0-1600 deg.F; FORD RACINGWatching your precise exhaust temperature can mean the..


Fitment: Unknown

AutoMeter Products 880080 2-1/16" Fuel Pre..

Part Number: 880080

2-1/16in. FUEL PRESSURE; 0-100 PSI; FORD RACINGSeeing the exact fuel pressure on your vehicle can me..


Fitment: Unknown

AutoMeter Products 880084 Gauge 3-3/8" Tac..

Part Number: 880084

3-3/8in. IN-DASH TACHOMETER; 0-10;000 RPM; FORD RACINGSince 1957, AutoMeter has set the standard in ..


Fitment: Unknown

AutoMeter Products 880118 5" Tachometer, S..

Part Number: 880118

5in. PEDESTAL TACHOMETER; 0-10;000 RPM; FORD RACINGSince 1957, AutoMeter has set the standard in per..


Fitment: Unknown

AutoMeter Products 880314 2-1/16" Trans Te..

Part Number: 880314

2-1/16in. TRANSMISSION TEMPERATURE; 100-260 deg.F; FORD RACINGTransmission fluid temperature is the ..


Fitment: Unknown

AutoMeter Products PBSRTD Precision Trans ..

Part Number: PBSRTD

PRECISION TRANS BRAKE BUTTONThe most consistent, most reliable switch on the market. This is a heavy..


Fitment: Unknown

AutoMeter Products PBSXL Precision Trans B..

Part Number: PBSXL

PRECISION TRANS BRAKE BUTTON; X-LARGEBased on the proven features of the Dedenbear PBSRTD, this swit..


Fitment: Unknown

AutoMeter Products ST262246 Sensor Press 1..

Part Number: ST262246



Fitment: Unknown

AutoMeter Products ST265227 Pro Stepper│ G..

Part Number: ST265227

WIRING HARNESS; PRESSURE; FOR 52MM PRO STEPPER GAUGEPro Stepper(TM) Gauge Wire HarnessPro Stepper Ga..


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